Photos by Mike Green, Gary Kunkel, Gary Lindquist, Jim Skinner & Linda Wentz

Dedicated to the conservation of birds and our environment.

News and Upcoming Events

Please note: All spring in-person events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We hope to resume activities in the Fall. Check back here for updates.

We have a new list of resources for gardening with birds in mind. Check out our Planting for Birds page.

Wildlife Emergency?

Critter Creek Wildlife Station is a non-profit rehabilitation center for wildlife. In case of a wildlife emergency in the San Joaquin Valley call: 559-338-2415

Sasquatch Books

Tulare-Kings Audubon is grateful for the support of Sasquatch Booksone of the country’s leading independent presses.


Get Involved

See how you can become a part of our Audubon group or check out our informative meetings.

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Common Merganser

photo by Linda Wentz