Greetings Tulare Kings Bird Enthusiasts,


Fall 2022 Speaker Meetings


September 23rd: Gary Lindquist - "Behind the Feathers"

  6:30pm (New time)   Cafe 210, 210 W. Center Ave, Visalia

Gary Lindquist, one of our most popular speakers, starts the new season.  Gary is a retired veterinarian, dedicated birder and fantastic bird photographer. His presentations are a visual delight filled with interesting scientific findings and useful tips for correctly identifying bird species.

The first part of in-person speaker meetings is business and usually lasts 15-20 minutes.  The second part of the meeting includes a presenter on a conservation topic or photo presentation, open questions, and refreshments.  We meet only during the school year (September - May) and we do not have general meetings in December and January.

If you would like to suggest a speaker or would like to volunteer to be a speaker at one of our meetings please contact us through the website by clicking here.



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Fall 2022 Field Trips

October 8th: Bravo Lake Field Trip - Lead by Joan Parker

Meet at 8 AM at Bravo Lake Botanical Garden in Woodlake for a morning stroll around the Lake, a magnet for birds in the fall. Likely birds include waterfowl, wading birds, grebes, herons, pelicanS and osprey. This trip is especially good for children and beginning birders. Spotting scopes and binoculars will be available for use. From Hwy 198 take Road 196 (which is at the Exeter turnoff signal) north to Ave 344, then right into Woodlake. The normal route along Hwy 245 is closed due to bridge construction. Location is 342 E Naranjo Blvd in Woodlake just east of the roundabout.

November 5th: River Ridge Fall Festival

November 19th: Pixley National Wildlife Refuge

For questions, check out the Field Trip FAQ.




Birding Opportunities in Tulare/Kings County 2022

There are plenty of places to bird in Kings and Tulare County- check out some birding hotspots here!