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Dedicated to the conservation of birds and our environment.

Photos by Mike Green, Gary Kunkel, Gary Lindquist, Jim Skinner & Linda Wentz

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Southern Central Valley

Tulare Lake has subsided but has certainly not disappeared. An April 6th visit to the receding lake found many shorebirds, waders and ducks. Least sandpipers and American avocets numbered in the thousands with hundreds of dunlins, black-bellied plovers, and long-billed dowitchers. Viewing of these populations is easy south of Corcoran on Dairy/6th Avenue or from Road 120 (use Road 112 as a detour since Road 120 and Highway 43 is closed). 


Also found on Road 112 was a large flock of tricolored blackbirds. They were seen visiting a dairy just west of Highway 43. As is typical of this species, flocks were regularly observed landing among feeding cows then flying back across the road to the southwest where there are several large fields with dense mustard vegetation. Could this be the colony that once used Atwell Island?




(Details on EVENTS page)


Friday, May 17th,

6:30pm, Cafe 210,

210 W. Center Avenue

  Gary Lindquist

(Topic to be announced)




As spring progresses consider adding some places in your yard for birds to nest.  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's NestWatch page "All About Bird Houses" is a good place to start.










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Critter Creek Wildlife Station is a non-profit rehabilitation center for wildlife. In case of a wildlife emergency in the San Joaquin Valley call: 559-338-2415

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